Space Kings

A sci-fi tabletop RPG using playing cards instead of dice.

I am the Lead Editor for this project.

Snack Run Blowout (2020)

An interactive short story abut friendship and distance.

My directorial debut.

Haque (2017)

A die and try roguelike with cute sprites and scary demons.

My work includes the entire script and half the flavor text.

Original Fiction

My original fiction and accompanying resources, chronicled on my Patreon

Beneath Faelin Wood (2020)

A short roguelike about druids and lost friends.

I was the Narrative Lead on this game.

The Shade Between the Trees (2020)

A short horror point-and-click. You come home from a camping trip, but the woods won't let you leave.

The Traveller and the Mountain (2019)

An interactive fable in which the player chooses the moral.

I was the Narrative Lead on this game.