Editor - Space Kings

SuperTry Studios (2018- )

  • Managing format and scope of written guide for tabletop game

  • Editing all copy for Space Kings

  • Overseeing production editing for the print edition of Space Kings

Director, Writer - Snack Run Blowout & The Shade Between the Trees

SuperTry Studios (2020)

  • Oversaw creative direction of both games

  • Coordinated team on narrative design, programming, and musical score

  • Wrote full game script

Lead Writer - Beneath Faelin Wood

SuperTry Studios (2020)

  • Wrote and edited full script

  • Directed plot structure

  • Designed branching choice system with multiple endings

Lead Writer - Haque

SuperTry Studios (2016 - 2017)

  • Worked with studio director to craft the plot, lore and world

  • Directed plot structure and scene staging

  • Wrote and edited all dialogue

  • Managed all written content, both in-game and public


Bachelor of Arts, English

Endicott College

Beverly, MA

Certificate of Technical Writing

Middlesex Community College

Bedford, MA